Nemø ensemble was founded in September 2017 and performs contemporary, experimental music. The collective aims to connect existing repertoire with pieces by young artists that are not afraid of crossing boundaries between different genres and artistic disciplines. The group challenges the conventional concert format by exploring different forms of presentation. This gives rise to immersive performances that overcome the distance between those who listen and those who perform. For Nemø, art means bringing people together in a context outside the rush of everyday life. Each show is conceived as an “intensified context” for the audience to fully engage in the material moment of the now. Therefore, Nemø ensemble not only acts as a performer but also as a curator that frames music. In collaboration with other artists, they search to play with light, space and movement in their overarching performances.


Wim Pelgrims | percussion
Esther-Elisabeth Rispens | voice

This energetic and playful duo (Wim Pelgrims, percussion & Esther-Elisabeth Rispens, voice), will take you on their journey of sparkling, bubbly cheerfulness through a theatrical contemporary music repertoire. While always starting from a story to tell, Goggles surprises you with two energetic and giddy performers who are constantly looking to cross borders in the contemporary music domain. Who is actually the percussionist or the singer? Are they musicians or actors? Influenced by this performance freedom, Goggles becomes accessible to everyone and will give you a feel-good experience!



3rd person present:

look with wide open eyes
typically in amazement 

Stare open-mouthed
Stare in wonder/amazement